"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

Haiti / Haiteen

Load of donation's heading to Ukraine.

Mission of TEARS sent of a load of donation's heading to Ukraine through Loads of Love and Ed Dickson. This effort was helped by our volunteers who gave time and energy-efficient service getting things ready. Thanks also to Chuck Price and Reapers In the Rain, Marmora Pentecostal Church and Pastor Alvin and Glenda Peddle, the faithful at Norwood Pentecostal Church and Pastor Larry and Heidi Kozlof. You all made it seem easy. 


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July 2023

Barrels of Blessing continues to move forward here are our latest updates!

Pictures of kits from Kids Against Hunger Canada distribution at the school at Lamardelle that we last received from barrels of blessing




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Winter Update

We continue to move forward with collecting items for Haiti in Preparation for shipping when things open up again. We are confident as we head into the new year we will be able to resume shipments.

We are still collecting donations for the "Self-Sustainable Hand" project. Please consider joining with us to help put the future back into the hands of the Haitian people we work alongside


Please consider donating today www.missionoftears.ca/donate

Mission of T.E.A.R.S.

P.O. Box 3058
7700 Markham Road
Markham, Ontario, L3S 4T1

Phone: 1-877-335-8729


Thanks for your continued support, From our Mission of T.E.A.R.S.!

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Video Update on the ground


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July 18th update

More barrels received at Fondation Enfant Jésus.



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May Barrels Received


May Barrels have been received in Haiti. Shipping to Haiti can take about 6-8 weeks. 

Food shown here arrived at the Creche and with Pastor Spencer.

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June 11th 2022 Update from Haiti


June 10th was the Celebration of National Children's Day at the Crèche Enfant Jésus.  The theme chosen for this year is: Stop making violence on the children!

It must be said that this date was chosen by the Haitian State by a decree on June 2, 1960 to promote the rights of Haitian children! A gastronomic fair was organized , the musical animation and the dance galvanize the atmosphere and the joy of the children .

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Barrels of blessings FAQ 2022

Barrels of blessings FAQ 2022

Over the years of doing these shipping containers and Barrels we get frequent asked questions that we would like to answer for everyone.

Why not just send money to Haiti for them to buy things directly? Wouldn’t shipping barrels be more expensive?

  •                The exchange of money makes this a very difficult process. First, we must exchange to US Dollars. Then to ‘Haitian dollars.’ The buying power is much higher when buying items in Canada. We would save almost 30-50% in costs based on the broader range of products available at competitive prices in Canada. Most items are imported and not made in Haiti and are in short supply and subject to global increases making this program even more important. As an example of this, 6 boxes of cereal could cost over $200 USD depending on supply and demand (see posts from September 2020). There are many items that are simply not available.
  •                Most items sent are donations, packed by volunteers who believe in the project. The shipping costs are also covered by direct financial donations. We have arranged shipping through FEJ that allows listed items to enter duty free. Shipping costs about $250.
  •  The program helps provide a variety of products that would otherwise not be able to get locally such as school products and hygiene essentials such as toothpaste. This provides a better quality of life. The barrels can help all ages. Even barrels themselves are very useful after unloaded. Families can use them for safely storing water or other perishable items.
  • Direct financial aid to Haiti would be most needed to pay for education for Haitian children as schooling is not covered, or for medical care. Having to pay for food along with these additional costs makes it difficult to meet all their needs.

How often are we sending barrels to Haiti?

  • We are trying to send barrels every 4-6 weeks. We will be shipping out the next one this Wednesday. Last one we send was Feb 23rd, 2022, and next is May 4th. While we try for every month, we have been able to do so every 2 months.
  • It would take more Product donations and funding for this to be possible.
  • You can see the pictures and comments through out the site from those who receive the barrels. Scroll down for these examples.  

What products are most needed right now for Haiti?

  • The greatest need is always food and that being staples, Rice, Beans, cooking oil,
  • The full list would be as follows.

-White flour
-Corn Oil
-Black beans
-All kinds of beans
-Peanut butter
-Baby formula (Enfacare for premature babies)

-All Baby food/Formula
-Whey protein powder Natural
-can meats: tuna, spam, chicken,
-Soups powder
-Lollipop and Candy

-Tooth brushes
-Baby shampoo
-Hand Sanitizer
-Baby oil
-Baby lotion

School supplies
-Colored pencils (wood or wax)
-Pencil sharpeners
-Pencil cases

-AA batteries











Where can we bring donations?

  • For those local to Havelock, you can bring donations to:

The Havelock Center

30 George St.

Mondays at the back door: 10:30am-12:00pm.

Thursdays at the front door: 6:00pm-8:00.

Or email gordon@missionoftears.ca for alternatives.

Items can also be mailed to:

Mission of Tears

ATTN, Gord Lewis

P.O BOX 747


ON K0L 1Z0

-Anyone who is outside of the local area, you can also order items online through Amazon and ship directly to us at the above address.

Please also consider making a direct donation via the below link:


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Update from Pastor Spencer

Update from Pastor Spencer 


Hi Pastor Gordon, I hope you’re doing well. I received the barrel as you have mentioned with many different food in it. I received food for my family and to share with others, I already sent some for Sonson and shared with some other people. Thank you so much and be blessed.

Please receive some pictures

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Mission of TEARS Barrel of Blessing program update April 2022

Mission of TEARS Barrel of Blessing program is working to aid families year round in Haiti. 

Barrels of Blessings below being received and checked at FEJ stagging site before distribution begins. 

We had fun organizing the barrel contents. We made chili tonight and tomorrow morning we are going to make pancakes and use the maple syrup 🙂

We just got back from FEJ 🙂 We picked up both barrels and I gave Maryse my new number and also Eryls number. Maryse gave me her number too. They were happy we showed up 🙂 We are emptying the barrels now and going over the packing list. Please pass on our thanks to everyone who made the barrels possible 🙂


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Christmas Party 2021

Fun times were held at the Creche. Checkout all the Christmas Party photos HERE!

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URGENT Haiti Earthquake Relief 2021

Haiti Earthquake Relief 2021

Dear Mission of Tears Supporters, Friends and Family,

As you have seen in the news, in the early morning hours of the 14th of August 2021 a destructive 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit southern Haiti. Over 1200 lives have been lost and we fear the number will continue rising. Thankfully, our staff, partners on the ground and the children in our care are all safe and accounted for. FEJ buildings that house the children, medical clinic, offices and school are all fine so we are in a good position to assist the survivors in this crisis.

Currently, we are working on assessing specific needs, but a state of emergency has already been declared in the country and we are preparing to provide whatever assistance needed.

Please keep the survivors of the earthquake in your thoughts and prayers. If you would like to provide financial support to assist us in helping our Haitian friends at this time, please select the designation "Haiti 2021 Earthquake Relief" on our CanadaHelps Donation Form where you can give by credit card and other means. All gifts are 100% tax receiptable in Canada.

Our sincere thanks,

Mission of Tears


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