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A participant of Chache Lavi (Seeking Life)

To improve the conditions in Lamardelle, Foundation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) has started several projects in the community to benefit different types of people. There has been a positive impact of those who have been affected by our programs.

To give you a chance to understand some of effects we’ve had on the community, we will share the story of a woman we’ve impacted.

Mania Vilbrun is forty years old. She has four children, nineteen year old girl named Sandra. Mania lives in Jacquet with her daughter and two grandchildren, Loveka and Evens. Mania’s husband died when Sandra was a baby. The lonely mother struggled day to day to provide for her children.

Before Mania joined the program, she was abandoned, homeless and jobless. She had a difficulty feeding her children. Then, she was selected, along with other women, to join the micro-finance program, which is a social and financial integration activity for poor women in Lamardelle. Women selected to be in this program are mothers with children at the School Enfant Jesus and females with connections to FEJ.

The program equips them with the necessary tools to achieve financial independence by developing their investment and entrepreneurship capacity. Mania received financial support that allowed her to trade to support herself and her family.

In addition, Mania received other help from FEJ. The foundation has built her a two-room house. Now, Mania is grateful for the Foundation. She says, "This is a priceless gift. This beautiful house allows me to live in peace, quietly and safely. I'm very proud of it. "

Sandra has graduated from Ecole Enfant Jesus and also, works at the MEAL program (Mere en Action a Lamardelle). The two grandchildren are students of the EEJ.

Mania is currently a Foundation employee Her salary helps her take care of her family. She has said, “Thanks to my employment, I can push my daughter in high school. I have no words to thank, all the officials from the Foundation for all the support and benefits my family and I receive within the foundation."


Child in FEJ Milk and Medicine Program

Sandra is the daughter of Marlene and Monsevoir Legrand. She’s 10 years old and lives in Troupeau. Sandra doesn’t go to school because she has a speech impediment and possibly, is mentally delayed, which demands more attention from her mother. Sandra is fragile and weak; she can only stand for a short period of time for her legs are not strong enough to support her. Sandra walked for the first time at nine years old. She joined the nutrition program of the Community Clinic Enfant Jésus.

Marlene, Sandra's mother, lives alone with her four children. The two older kids go to school, the other two, including Sandra, stay at home. Marlene sells vegetables, which only earns about $11 USD per week. While she is working, she leaves her children with her sister, who stays home to take care of her own children. Marlene associates the health condition of her daughter to an evil voodoo ritual.

Marlene is more than happy that two of her children joined the CCEJ nutrition program. Due to her low income, she would certainly not have been able to afford a malnutrition treatment for her children. Sandra was admitted into the program weighing 13kg and now weighs 19kg. Marlene says the nutrition program has helped her children medically. It was also a relief that she did not have to add the cost of the treatment to her budget, which is already too heavy on her shoulders. Marlene was able to receive nutrition training and training on other issues to increase her knowledge to give better care to her children.