"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

Haiti / Haiteen


Load of donation's heading to Ukraine.

Mission of TEARS sent of a load of donation's heading to Ukraine through Loads of Love and Ed Dickson. This effort was helped by our volunteers who gave time and energy-efficient service getting things ready. Thanks also to Chuck Price and Reapers In the Rain, Marmora Pentecostal Church and Pastor Alvin and Glenda Peddle, the faithful at Norwood Pentecostal Church and Pastor Larry and Heidi Kozlof. You all made it seem easy. 


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July 2023

Barrels of Blessing continues to move forward here are our latest updates!

Pictures of kits from Kids Against Hunger Canada distribution at the school at Lamardelle that we last received from barrels of blessing




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Winter Update

We continue to move forward with collecting items for Haiti in Preparation for shipping when things open up again. We are confident as we head into the new year we will be able to resume shipments.

We are still collecting donations for the "Self-Sustainable Hand" project. Please consider joining with us to help put the future back into the hands of the Haitian people we work alongside


Please consider donating today www.missionoftears.ca/donate

Mission of T.E.A.R.S.

P.O. Box 3058
7700 Markham Road
Markham, Ontario, L3S 4T1

Phone: 1-877-335-8729


Thanks for your continued support, From our Mission of T.E.A.R.S.!

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Video Update on the ground


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July 18th update

More barrels received at Fondation Enfant Jésus.



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May Barrels Received


May Barrels have been received in Haiti. Shipping to Haiti can take about 6-8 weeks. 

Food shown here arrived at the Creche and with Pastor Spencer.

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June 11th 2022 Update from Haiti


June 10th was the Celebration of National Children's Day at the Crèche Enfant Jésus.  The theme chosen for this year is: Stop making violence on the children!

It must be said that this date was chosen by the Haitian State by a decree on June 2, 1960 to promote the rights of Haitian children! A gastronomic fair was organized , the musical animation and the dance galvanize the atmosphere and the joy of the children .

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Mission of TEARS Barrel of Blessing program update April 2022

Mission of TEARS Barrel of Blessing program is working to aid families year round in Haiti. 

Barrels of Blessings below being received and checked at FEJ stagging site before distribution begins. 

We had fun organizing the barrel contents. We made chili tonight and tomorrow morning we are going to make pancakes and use the maple syrup 🙂

We just got back from FEJ 🙂 We picked up both barrels and I gave Maryse my new number and also Eryls number. Maryse gave me her number too. They were happy we showed up 🙂 We are emptying the barrels now and going over the packing list. Please pass on our thanks to everyone who made the barrels possible 🙂


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Christmas Party 2021

Fun times were held at the Creche. Checkout all the Christmas Party photos HERE!

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Gode Haiti Ministry continues despite unrest

The actual situation of Haiti.

As been about a month things get worse in the Country, the political unrest cause the population to live under the normal standard of living: Protest everywhere on the streets, all Haitian just stuck and trapped home, nothing is working no hospital, school, university, business, all institution even some Churches down town are closed, it’s so difficult to buy things you need for your home because of the social unrest. Some days are worse than others, no way to go out burning tires, streets block, and barricade, at some places protestors burn people’s cars, houses and business.

The banks are close some days and open other days, sometimes they work half of the day because the protest usually start the second half of the day, it create lots of trouble because too many people come on  the same time, there’s very long line in front of the Banks.

 No food, since the streets is not good people cannot  go down town Port au Prince to the public market place call “kwabosal”  to neither sell or buy products. Those who have chance to sell some products give them out for a higher price, others lose their products because people cannot come to buy them.

  No drinkable water, every week the water truck come up twice to deliver water since the streets are all  blocks we are in difficulty to find it, some sellers has it and they double their price.

 No gas, all the gasoline, diesel fuel  and propane gas station are closed, some are open to serve the population from time to time with a lot of cautiousness  because the protestor are trying to burn them, so this prevent us to find gas normally.  

No hospital, this is the most critical issue, when someone needs to go to the hospital it’s urgent and this person cannot wait, but now in Haiti hospital become more and more difficult to access, not only for what I have describe above, also we don’t have to many Hospital in the Country, people who shot in manifestation can’t access, some even die, Asthmatic people who touch by teargas sent by the Police to disperse the crowd cannot also access hospital, but sorry some lose their life for lack of health care.           

The protest on the streets is made up of different kind of people in the population and they ask the actual president to resign because the population having all kinds of needs, the main goal is to install a transition government for 2 years after that they will organize election.

MOT Ministries in this trouble.

It’s true the situation that I just describe above is sad and making the world crying for Haiti, but me and my Team we are not discourage, we now have more confidence because our God is awesome and  sovereign  over all. Mission of TEARS Evangelistic Ministries, because of the faithfulness to us of Rev. Gordon and Diane Lewis, keep on doing the work of the almighty God at Gode. Even when it’s difficult we find the opportunity to preach the word in this terrible situation, and share whatever we have with the people.  Just like Paul in prison, he took that as an opportunity to preach the Gospel where he was. We are doing the same thing preaching the coming of the kingdom of God while things is bad on earth also we have faith in God  even if the situation is evil, in the eyes of faith I’m telling you God will turn it to our good and our benefits.

(Romans 8:28 and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.) 

I see this situation as an opportunity for the Gospel, because God is in it and I realize that God is up to something, He’s in action.  He has a purpose and a plan for Haiti.  I believe that God is up to something good to be born in this trouble, so through Mot Ministries I’m involve in the Ministry because God is in action in Haiti. Even in this trouble He is sovereign over all; the situation in Haiti is under control because it is under His control.  Will revival be born from this?

 So do not be discourage helping us and all the ways you can; don’t lose faith in Haiti because we are serving a great and awesome God.   

To God alone is the glory!

Pastor Spencer Bazile




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Post Earthquake Haiti Update


Mission of T.E.A.R.S. ca would like to give you our supporters a progress report for our HAITI projects.  None of which could be started, finished or still underway without your financial help.  For us it is a privilege to share what all of us has accomplished together. Your compassion has changed many lives including families, those orphaned before and after the quake. We were able to assist by supplying emergency food, shelter, safe water, clothing and other urgent supplies to meet the immediate needs. Schools have been rebuilt and new schools are currently under construction. Vocational training has been introduced as part of our sustainable program for GIRLS AT RISK who has been rescued from tent cities for their own physical safety. To address the physiological needs of each girl we have taken play therapists and physiotherapists to implement an individual assessment for each girl they have interviewed. 

Review:  JANUARY 2010

JANUARY 12TH 2010 was a day in the history of Haiti which will forever be burned in the memory of people around the globe. The earthquake devastated large portions of Port au Prince and effecting millions of lives throughout the country.  It has been reported that somewhere between 245,000 ? 300,000 people lost their lives. Thousands were injured and even more lost their homes.  The country was not equipped to take on this depth of crisis, thus the devastation made room for several countries to send their highly qualified people to assist HAITI.  As we flew over the country and then drove through the roads inside Port Au Prince there was a strong impression to me that people would be living in tents for years to come. 


Roads, hospitals, police stations, churches destroyed the places where people should have been able to run for help was also in crisis some had been totally destroyed. Mission of T.E.A.R.S. was able to get in touch with our on ground partners thus providing us with a firm plan to begin our assistance. We continue to appeal to our supports to help us help HAITI.

Mission of T.E.A.R.S has been assisting in HAITI since 1997. Aproximently 85% of people in Haiti live in extreme poverty. If we don?t help this small country only a 4hr flight away from Toronto then we can only expect more unrest, political upheaval and rapid spread of disease.

CHOLERA:  The disease continues to spread from country sides now into tent cities.  Medical teams continue to fight this horrible painful death.  It respects no age or social standing inside this torn country.  It can only be beaten by safe foods, safe water filtration, and quick emergency to medical facilities. It becomes more personal when someone you know has been attacked with Cholera.  We will continue to help funding for this disease.


The population of Haiti is almost entirely black and mulatto due to its historical origin as a slaveholding agricultural colony of France. The countries powerful and political elite are mainly mulatto with ethnic minorities comprising of Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese immigrants from the trading communities. Haiti has been plagued by political violence for most of its history.  Known as the "world?s poorest children in the western hemisphere? the vulnerability of Haiti?s 1.2 million children rose significantly in the context of conflict and instability not including the earthquake of 2010.  Many children are forced to make their way through life abandoned, malnourished and neglected. At Mission of TEARS we closely collaboration with licensed orphanages, medical communities and schools.


We are continuing to build the school in Port au Prince. The school will assist 250 children ranging from kindergarten to high school.  The initial start of the construction started in May. Our thanks go out to the city of Sudbury and its people for their vision of helping MISSION OF T.E.A.R.S get the project started.  Still needs to done to help Haiti finish this vision. Read a comment by Dr. Brian Nichols from Peterborough ON. "This is a quality program, with a huge amount of obvious care being given to the whole child.?


Our on ground partners feed 240 to 275 meals a day. A nutritious meal is made of peanut in which formed balls are infused with skim milk powder, vitamin supplements, these are affectingly known as "MOCHO?MUMBA? balls. A slice of bread, along with fresh fruit gives the individual a balanced meal. Very small babies receive vitamin enriched formula and vitamin drops.


MISSION OF T.E.A.R.S continues to support Karen Bultje in her vision of Haiti. She began her Haitian journey in 1996 and a native of London ON. Ms Bultje has several followers who financially continue to support her. We invite you to visit Karen on her blog at haiticoramdeo.blogspot.com.

KAREN is expanding a school for the physically disabled and including the blind and hearing impaired. She works tirelessly in providing medical care for so many Haitians families and their children.  Karen has earned the trust of many Haitians and has won a place in their hearts. She lovingly ministers to the poorest of poor and has gained favour with those in authority in various departments and several missions stationed in Port au Prince and surrounding area. She  administers the medical facilitation outreach centre, and has assisted more than 4500 people each year. Karen hosts, at Coram Deo, volunteer medical teams, contractors, teachers, and the Canadian military.


On Saturday aproximently 350 children from the depressing tent cities get to enjoy singing songs, dance, games, stories and snacks along with interaction with positive adult role models. These little people have been relocated after the earthquake into the rowdy row on row of tents many are torn and falling down.  No playground or school gymnasium for these ones. Many wait on the list to go to Saturday day camp. We still need more funding to help the ones that wait outside the fence looking in.

Imagine being a girl 8 yrs old losing your parent or both parents during the earthquake. Gone is your home it used to be a place of belonging, your caregiver and security, most likely all your prized possessions? pets, toys and clothes.  You along with thousands of all ages are placed into tent cities no one to protect you from the evil that lurks outside your little tent.  No privacy, no private toilets, no running water, you need to fight for any morsel of food everyday, no education available to you. Nothing! GIRLS AT RISK

Everything you need or want answered with a big no.  It is well known and documented that girl?s who are living in vulnerable conditions in Haiti?s tent cities are physically assaulted every night. What was meant for temporarily aid now becomes your prison. Who would you go to for help and that would not betray your trust?


In working along-side HIS Homes for Children we have undertaken to provide a safe house for up to 24 girls ranging from 8 yrs to 16 who have had horrible acts perpetrated against them while living inside the tent cities.  The girls are escorted to and from appointments, school and church. It has been discovered that having an escort gives the girls peace of mind and a sense of security they had lost.

Mission of Tears has purchased sewing machines to begin vocational training. Also employed is a qualified Haitian seamstress who will guide the girls into a possible lifetime career of becoming a fashion designer.

Educational classes continue in Creole but with English and French lessons also being interjected. Health care on an ongoing basis is provided for each girl brought into care.



To open a store front premier bourgeois clothing store which caters to the Haitian who would need a gown for special occasions but perhaps cannot afford the full price of buying. Rentals at a reasonable price would also be available to serve them. The girls once qualified would learn: computer, serving the public, seamstress, jewellery, hair and aesthetics complete with business skills. 

Here?s what you can do.

Help support a class for $100.00 a month.

Help support a girl for $30.00 a month.

DONATE the cost of a wedding gown, grad gown under Haiteen.


The rebuilding of Haiti is more than the restructuring of buildings and other structures. It?s helping to repairing the lives of each individual. The biggest thing Haiti needs right now is not to be forgotten.

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