"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

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Merry Christmas!

Thanks for doing this all with us!
Diane and I send a special Christmas greeting to all who partnered with us in 2020.

We hope 2021 presents a better year for us all to continue enjoying our work in serving others.

From our Family to yours,

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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July 2020: First 8 Barrels out
July 2020: First 8 Barrels out

We want to thank everyone for your support to Mission of TEARS through 2020 and provide an update on Barrels of Blessings. It was our Covid-19 response focused on Haiti.

Starting in July with the first purchase of 9 empty shipping barrels to be packed with donated food, health and hygienic items.  It was planned those 9 barrels would last 3 months meeting our planned goal to send 3 per month.

The unexpected appeal to this project had our first month shipment consist of 8 barrels leaving from our Havelock location on July 31 our August shipment had 12, September and October combined for 15, November 14 and 11 barrels sent December 3 finished this year.

Norwood and Cobourg PAOC

In total with the 60 Barrels of Blessings shipped to Haiti a further 2 went to Jamaica and 2 to Grenada for a total of 64 since beginning.

Forty-nine (49) of the 60 barrels have arrived in Haiti for distribution, 2 each into Jamaica and Grenada.

Barrels of Blessings provided an ideal opportunity for hands on ministry by churches and individuals in a safe setting respecting Covid-19 limitation. It allowed for pro-action not just reaction to effectively help others facing more serious impacts of the pandemic.

Countries outside of Canada faced an immediate impact to food deprivation and access to medical or schooling supplies. Each Barrel of Blessings was packed to carry those items donated as were most shipping costs.

Emmanuel Baptist Bloomfield

Average dollar value per barrel would equal $700 Canadian with the cost of shipping $250 and weight of contents averaging 200 pounds per barrel. That means 12,800 pounds of food valued at 45,000 dollars shipped for $16,000 at a cost of $1.25 cents per pound of food.

Pick up and packing carries on indoors and out doors into the fall. Thanks to Norwood and Cobourg Pentecostal Churches for donations.

Thanks Bloomfield Baptist Church for 5 Barrels    

Thanks to volunteers of all ages from the community and local churches.  Special mention to Marmora Pentecostal Church who held an on-line auction of bake goods for Barrels of Blessings in a safe and fun environment.

This Thanks explains it all:

Today we received a Barrel of Blessing from Mission of Tears through Fondation Enfant Jesus Haiti. We excitedly unpacked our blessings of much needed food and supplies. It came at the perfect time. We are struggling to be able to purchase food and supplies. At the beginning of August 1, us$ = 120 gourdes. Now 1 us$ = 60 gourdes. We lose half of our funding through the exchange rate difference. Prices remain high in comparison to the exchange rate difference.

Marmora Pentecostal Church

Thank you everyone who donated 🙂We did an inventory of the packing list and nothing was missing. All was accounted for and we were thankful for that. We are looking forward to make things like pancakes and muffins and peanut butter sandwiches 🙂Thank you Mission of Tears and FEJ.
Yours; Karen  Coram Deo Haiti.

There are too many pictures and thank you notes to show in this limited space. If you want to view more visit our blog at www.missionoftears.ca/blog 

Marmora Pentecostal Church volunteers packed 14 Barrels of Blessings filled from funds raised through the bake goods auction.

Special thanks to Reapers in the Rain for sponsoring shipping costs of 4 barrels and for donating items for packing

OSM Networks

Thanks to Dave and Stephen of OSM Networks in Belleville who packed 2 barrels of food donations given by a single generous donation from friends in Prince Edward County.

The name “Godfathers” was given by Diane to the older volunteer men.  She felt these men unknowingly became the “godfathers” to the orphan and poor children by ministering in giving their time to help in the preparation and shipping of Barrels of Blessings.

They may never know how many life’s have been helped. They volunteered their time (sometimes at the last minute) to drive to pickup barrels, to pick up loads of donated items, to tirelessly sort items and pack barrels. Whatever the need they responded.  They did so with no desire to be recognized but their energy and eagerness to provide the ministry of help encouraged us on and made success for the Barrels of Blessings.

Mattie, Keith, Ray the Godfathers

Gordon with Barrels of Blessings.

The Barrels of Blessings serve ministries, schools, orphanages, poor families and ease hunger.  Here are some pictures to convey this and go with the thank you notes we receive.

Young Pastors ministries like CV and Wilsonet of ESSES are equipped from the Barrels.

Gordon, We received 8 barrels. The pressboard barrel shipment arrived in good condition and Your inventory list corresponded. It was well organized on your side. Plastic barrels are great. We can use them for multiple purposes, especially to collect water and as trash cans. Thank you very much Blessings, Maryse FEJ   

Pastor Spencer smiles as he receives a Barrel of Blessing for ministry in the community of Gode. You can follow his ministry work with us online posted under MOT Ministries. Here are some of those he served with items from this barrel.            

Pastor Spencer with barrel recipients

The intent of the Barrel of Blessings as a Covid-19 response for Haiti was to provide a supply chain focusing on food.  Food supply inside of Haiti is fragile and expensive.  The pandemic is not like the natural disasters that happen suddenly but also end suddenly.  There seems no end to the problems created by the pandemic to Haiti’ fragile economic system.

Mission of TEARS could not manage our response without a secure knowledgeable partner on ground in Haiti.  We want to thank Fondation Enfant Jesus(FEJ) for providing the successful and secure setting Barrels of Blessing needed inside of Haiti.

Barrels of Blessings serves FEJ to provide supplies and food for their school of over 200 children. Each day one meal is served to those children from contents of the Barrels of Blessing as shown in the pictures below.

In Port au Prince, a special ITU clinic is run by FEJ to review young children who are failing to thrive.  In pictures  two children are enjoying Kids Against Hunger meals sent in the Barrel of Blessing for this specific use.

Kids Against Hunger Canada

Thanks to Kids Against Hunger Canada director Wayne McConnachie for donating 2 ½ skids of dehydrated foods to Barrels of Blessings.

Food, school and medical supplies arrive!

Other food items, school and medical supplies arrive in the Barrels of Blessing for use by our partners in Haiti. Below, Karen Bultje of Coram Deo receives a Barrel of Blessing and shows the contents.

Please consider us in your year-end giving! www.missionoftears.ca/donate

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From our Mission of T.E.A.R.S. family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas!

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Gordon and the Haiti Computer Lab missions team will be sharing the goals and ultimate purpose of this trip.