"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

Barrels of Blessings

Help Haiti during COVID

Fill a Barrel of Donated Supplies for Haitian Children

An urgent plea has come for us to donate supplies to our FEJ partners on the ground in Haiti who serve children through their school and infants through their orphanage. With your help we can provide and ship barrels of donated supplies directly to FEJ.

The situation in Haiti is desperate, we have received reports that COVID -19 continues to spread and people are dying without even being diagnosed. Mission of Tears, through FEJ is preparing to do everything we can but we need your help.

Please signup below to register with us. By registering you agree to personally or as group, begin collecting these items to fill a barrel ! The cost to ship a barrel to Haiti is $250 (includes the price of the barrel, all ground transfer fees and the cargo fee for shipping) and we have arranged excellent shipping direct from Montreal to Haiti. By helping to cover the shipping costs you ensure we can get your gifts to Haiti.

The following is a list of desperately needed items request by FEJ.

-White flour
-Corn Oil
-Black beans
-All kinds beans
-Peanut butter
-Baby formula (enfacare for premature babies)
-Enfamil lipid (prosobee soy anti-diarrhea)
-Enfamil lipid lactose free (intolerance to lactose)
-Enfamil lipid A-R (anti- reflux)
-Enfamil lipid nutramigen (intolerance to fat)
-Whey protein powder Natural
-can meats: tuna, spam, chicken,
-Soups powder
-Lollipop and Candy

-Tooth brushes
-Baby shampoo
-Hand Sanitizer
-Baby oil
-Baby lotion

School supplies
-Colored pencils (wood or wax)
-Pencil sharpeners
-Pencil cases

-AA batteries


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