"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

Haiti / Haiteen

Shipment number 2 being prepared

On this day, our friends from Emmanuel in Bloomfield come all the way to our Havelock office to pack the next 5 barrels # 9 to #14


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First Shipment on it's way!

Our faithful volunteers along with Gordon and Diane packing the first 8 barrels to be shipped.   
These first 8 barrels were shipped July 31 and two pictures represent that actual shipping of July 31.


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Haiti Barrels of Blessings Program

Barrels of Blessings

Help Haiti during COVID

Fill a Barrel of Donated Supplies for Haitian Children

An urgent plea has come for us to donate supplies to our FEJ partners on the ground in Haiti who serve children through their school and infants through their orphanage. With your help we can provide and ship barrels of donated supplies directly to FEJ.

The situation in Haiti is desperate, we have received reports that COVID -19 continues to spread and people are dying without even being diagnosed. Mission of Tears, through FEJ is preparing to do everything we can but we need your help.

For a complete list of items needed and to signup to help fill a barrel Click Here


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Introducing our Barrels of Blessing Program

Airplanes and trips are on hold for now but Missions of Tears is still doing ministry and our partners on the ground are counting on us. Our Barrels of Blessing program planning began pre July but the first actual action to implement the program was July 9th pictured here in the first two photos of Gordon Lewis and a volunteer unloading from the Uhaul van that brought our first empty barrels brought from the supplier in Toronto to our Havelock of Mission of TEARS. We are stepping out in faith that God will bless this and that our friends will help us fill and ship these barrels and meet the needs of those who receive them.




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A Thousand Cuts

Haiti and her people are dying a death of a thousand cuts. We cannot abandon them in a time of need or leave them to pray alone through this storm. Desperation at this level has not occurred in the general population since the earthquake. Then it was obvious the help needed. Now it is not despite the current situation reflects a worsening devastation. This is not a plea for financial help but spiritual help. Pray for Haiti.


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Gode Church Update

A small, dedicated group joined together at Gode yesterday. Pastor Spencer writes: "We have been to Gode and we spent a good time with the people there, the situation seems discourage them in their daily life, i encourage them through the Word of God by showing nothing is impossible for our God. Attached is a picture of the service.
Have a wonderful day under God’s Protection and providence.

Be blessed.

Pastor Spencer"

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Gode Haiti Ministry continues despite unrest

The actual situation of Haiti.

As been about a month things get worse in the Country, the political unrest cause the population to live under the normal standard of living: Protest everywhere on the streets, all Haitian just stuck and trapped home, nothing is working no hospital, school, university, business, all institution even some Churches down town are closed, it’s so difficult to buy things you need for your home because of the social unrest. Some days are worse than others, no way to go out burning tires, streets block, and barricade, at some places protestors burn people’s cars, houses and business.

The banks are close some days and open other days, sometimes they work half of the day because the protest usually start the second half of the day, it create lots of trouble because too many people come on  the same time, there’s very long line in front of the Banks.

 No food, since the streets is not good people cannot  go down town Port au Prince to the public market place call “kwabosal”  to neither sell or buy products. Those who have chance to sell some products give them out for a higher price, others lose their products because people cannot come to buy them.

  No drinkable water, every week the water truck come up twice to deliver water since the streets are all  blocks we are in difficulty to find it, some sellers has it and they double their price.

 No gas, all the gasoline, diesel fuel  and propane gas station are closed, some are open to serve the population from time to time with a lot of cautiousness  because the protestor are trying to burn them, so this prevent us to find gas normally.  

No hospital, this is the most critical issue, when someone needs to go to the hospital it’s urgent and this person cannot wait, but now in Haiti hospital become more and more difficult to access, not only for what I have describe above, also we don’t have to many Hospital in the Country, people who shot in manifestation can’t access, some even die, Asthmatic people who touch by teargas sent by the Police to disperse the crowd cannot also access hospital, but sorry some lose their life for lack of health care.           

The protest on the streets is made up of different kind of people in the population and they ask the actual president to resign because the population having all kinds of needs, the main goal is to install a transition government for 2 years after that they will organize election.

MOT Ministries in this trouble.

It’s true the situation that I just describe above is sad and making the world crying for Haiti, but me and my Team we are not discourage, we now have more confidence because our God is awesome and  sovereign  over all. Mission of TEARS Evangelistic Ministries, because of the faithfulness to us of Rev. Gordon and Diane Lewis, keep on doing the work of the almighty God at Gode. Even when it’s difficult we find the opportunity to preach the word in this terrible situation, and share whatever we have with the people.  Just like Paul in prison, he took that as an opportunity to preach the Gospel where he was. We are doing the same thing preaching the coming of the kingdom of God while things is bad on earth also we have faith in God  even if the situation is evil, in the eyes of faith I’m telling you God will turn it to our good and our benefits.

(Romans 8:28 and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.) 

I see this situation as an opportunity for the Gospel, because God is in it and I realize that God is up to something, He’s in action.  He has a purpose and a plan for Haiti.  I believe that God is up to something good to be born in this trouble, so through Mot Ministries I’m involve in the Ministry because God is in action in Haiti. Even in this trouble He is sovereign over all; the situation in Haiti is under control because it is under His control.  Will revival be born from this?

 So do not be discourage helping us and all the ways you can; don’t lose faith in Haiti because we are serving a great and awesome God.   

To God alone is the glory!

Pastor Spencer Bazile




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A Mother's Heart: Haiti Jan 16 - 23 2019

A Mother's Heart

A small but excited and energetic group from Emmanuel Baptist Church travelled to Haiti Jan.16 - 23, 2019 as part of the Mission of Tears Mother's Heart program. This week long trip is available for anyone, any age and provides plenty of opportunity to have daily direct interaction with children in the FEJ orphanage located in the beautiful mountains near Kenscoff.

Contact our trip coordinator today to join a trip or create a custom trip geared to your own group.



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Testimonial: Pastor Jeff Hackett

"Haiti is filled with beautiful people who are very proud of who they are and where they are from. There are countless ministries that have come into the country post-earth quake. Our goal when we started was to work alongside people who have had, and have a long term investment into the country of Haiti. We successfully accomplished this through the help of Mission of Tears. 

We left the country of Haiti with a deeper understanding of the needs and a good grasp on the ministries that we could potentially partner with in the future. It was a successful trip, and we need to look at what this might look like in the future for our church. 

Thank you for the opportunity."
-Pastor Jeff Hackett

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Haiti Soccer Bible Camp 2017

It truly was an amazing trip doing a Soccer/Music/Crafts VBS with 100 kids August 20 - 27, 2017. Our theme "God made you for a reason!" came from our Day 5 verse Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord". We shared the gospel message Day 1: God made You; Day 2: God is for You; Day 3: God is always with You; Day 4: God will always love You; Day 5: God made you for a reason.

We also successfully connected the computer lab to the internet using donated KOS equipment. Establishing wifi tower connection of the Vocational School to the Medical Centre half a kilometre away was remarkable.

I've been to Haiti numerous times and I think this was the best trip so far. No one got sick with the different food and the 36 degree temperatures, which is amazing in itself. Best of all, we got to share the Gospel and the message of Hope was very well received. It's still amazing to me, the kids that come mostly live in homes of sticks and mud, the airplane ride is like a time machine back to Biblical times and the scriptures feel very meaningful there. Unlike us, they actually understand Luke 12:22 Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear.". It's humbling to be with people who trust God for their basic necessities of life.

I had the privilege to lead the team each night in devotions which was immediately followed by our "God Sightings" reports where people got a chance to share how they had seen God working that day. It was a very popular and special team time each night. The team has been asked, as they settle back into "normal life" to try as best they can not to get too caught up with normal life and miss out on the God Sightings, they are with us everyday.

Praise God for a safe and very successful trip!

We have brought many stories and some interesting things back from Haiti. We are hoping everyone will join us for a Haiti Banquet night coming this fall (date yet to be determined).

If you would to receive communication about this trip or future trips, please join our email list and like us on facebook.

Dave Lawrence
Emmanuel Baptist Church, Haiti Team Lead

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Fabienne's Testimony

Fabienne’s Testimony

Fabienne�s Testimony

This mother is the beneficiary of the first house built post–hurricane Matthew through Mission of T.E.A.R.S. Hurricane Relief. Her story explains from a "Mothers Heart" why home and family are so critical to every woman, no matter the country or culture. 

According to her statements, Fabienne's family of 8 (Fabienne, her husband and 6 children) were facing a number of obstacles and did not have the means to get out of this unfortunate situation. Her husband was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do to take care of his family, with a handicapped wife.

Our Interview With Fabienne:

FEJ - Can you tell us about your life before the construction of this House?

Fabienne: Before FEJ, Mission of Tears and Emmanuel church's team members built this house for me, I was living in a terrible situation, in misery. These circumstances were very hard. My family was homeless and had no food after Matthew.

I was ashamed and felt humiliated. My family and I were living at my aunt's house and it wasn't pleasant. Our life condition was horrible. It is a miracle that God has put FEJ on my path. We are finally getting back on our feet.

I remember how life was hard and painful, yet FEJ has done the most and it changed our lives considerably.

FEJ - Can you tell us more about your children?

Fabienne - Now my children are living in a more stable environment, and are happy now.
Living at my aunt's wasn't easy. She was rude and disrespectful. As a mother, I felt like I was letting my children down, and could not even give them the bare minimum. Now things are better and they are happy and I can see smiles on their faces.

FEJ - Let's talk about your husband: does he appreciate the house?

Fabienne - Oh yes! He's relieved because it was his responsibility to provide for our household and was unable to do so in these living conditions. He is so thankful that the Foundation was able to help us with everyone else who took part in this miracle.

FEJ - How did people in the neighbourhood react?

Fabienne - Once the house was completed they stop making fun of me and my family. It is with a spirit of gratitude and recognition that I speak today, I want to say a big thank you to FEJ, all who helped at the construction of the house, especially Mission of Tears and Emmanuel church members who gave me the opportunity to live a normal life again like people in my neighbourhood you, May the Lord Bless you.

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Hurricane Matthew: Urgent Help Needed

Mission of Tears in partnership on the ground with Fondation Enfant Jesus is actively working to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew which destroyed homes and blocked roads making the cleanup and distribution of food and clean water very difficult.

Please visit our Canada Helps donation page to help raise $100,000 for Emergency Relief Funding.

Consider joining one of our rescue team trips under our Opportunities section.

Medical Supplies are urgently needed, see list of things we need.

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