"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

Haiti / Haiteen

Coram Deo receives Barrel of Blessing!

Wow! We just got back from picking up the barrel 😃 The barrel did have a dent in it but otherwise it was sealed and in good shape. We brought tote boxes and our hand fork to bring the barrel to our vehicle. We opened the barrel and packed everything into the totes. When we got back to the house we put everything in the kitchen and did an inventory. 100% arrived and nothing was missing from the packing lust  Please let everyone know that we are very thankful. Thank you for sending the barrel 😃 The staff at FEJ are organized. Please tell everyone that everything came through perfectly. The prices in Haiti for things are very high. We used to get 120 gourdes for 1 us$ and now we are getting 60 gourdes for 1 us $. We lose half our funds in the exchange rate and prices in the stores are still being listed at the higher rate. The boxes of cereal you sent would have cost us 200 us$ in the stores in Haiti. This is a huge blessing for us. Thank you . Here are the pictures of the barrel as we received it and putting the food on the table for inventory. 😃 Thanks again and tell everyone that nothing is missing and we received everything 😃 It was a perfect shipment 😃

Karen Bultje

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