"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126:5
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Welcome to our Website.

Mission of T.E.A.R.S. is a registered Federal Charity in operation since 1993. Our head offices are located in Peterborough Ontario Canada. Operating as a Faith Based Organization, our motto is;

Nothing started without Hope
Nothing finished without Faith
Nothing accomplished without Love

Our mandate is in our name that is an acronym for;

                                                        T - Teaching
                                                        E - Educating
                                                        A - Advocating
                                                        R - Resourcing
                                                        S - Serving

Our organization?s history began in response to the fall of the Soviet Union and to the immediate needs of the overall population there, in particular the orphans. Although the initial work begun was to meet the immediate and short-term needs for life sustainment we have since developed long term and more effectual programs. In ongoing development of our charity internationally we now have our mandate in effect in all or part in six major regions of the world. Mission of T.E.A.R.S. is working to build the indigenous Christian populations from the people we serve to be leaders in there families, homes, work places, communities, societies, churches and countries. To accomplish this we partner with other organizations at home and abroad taking leadership in project development for both spiritual and social issues. Our board of directors is made up of leaders from the church and society from Canada and United States to serve Mission of T.E.A.R.S. in development for the future.









It is easier to build boys and girls than it is
to mend broken men and women.