"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

Haiti / Haiteen

"Haiti is filled with beautiful people who are very proud of who they are and where they are from. There are countless ministries that have come into the country post-earth quake. Our goal when we started was to work alongside people who have had, and have a long term investment into the country of Haiti. We successfully accomplished this through the help of Mission of Tears. 

We left the country of Haiti with a deeper understanding of the needs and a good grasp on the ministries that we could potentially partner with in the future. It was a successful trip, and we need to look at what this might look like in the future for our church. 

Thank you for the opportunity."
-Pastor Jeff Hackett

Haiti Election 2015

The elections are scheduled for Dec. 27th but now are being contested and boycotted by many.  The leading top candidate Jovenel Moise is the from the incumbent party Tet Kale of the outgoing President Michel Martelly. The runner up in the race Jude Celestin is accusing massive fraud and is threatening to withdraw.  For that reason Haiti is facing a challenge in democracy as many hold the belief that no election will ever be fair because all politicians are corrupted.  Less than 20% turned out for the runoff elections held to reduce the final numbers of politicians from 54 running for president to the now main two of Celestin and Moise.

Many Haitians now look back on the dictatorships of Francios and Jean Cloude Duvalier as better days because the country seemed to have better order and less individual hardship despite the lack in democratic freedoms.

Pray for the elections to end peacefully and to provide a new government that will work to increase the well being of all Haitians.

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