"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

Key Causes for Concern in Haiti:

Election Protraction:  

The last year and half has led up to the long anticipated election of a new governing party and leader to replace the current president Michel Martelly.  But it is not just the president that is being elected but every official office and all senate seats and house members. This has affected the entire operation of the country putting urgent decisions on hold or subjective bases.
Politics and politicians are not trusted by the Haitians yet 54 candidates and parties up held democracy by letting their names stand to represent various voices of a frustrated population in run up to the main election.  
Despite strong opposition by many and low voter turnout Haiti is scheduled December 27th to conclude this long election with a final run off between the two main persons remaining choosing one as there new president.   Pray for a peaceful conclusion to this election on December 27th.

Severe food shortages:

UNICEF is estimating server food shortages caused by drought and crop failures in Haiti will affect over 2 million Haitians in 2016.  This is the worst shortages in over a decade.

High prices:

 The economy of Haiti is based on the US dollar and has been greatly effected by the high US dollar. Many Haitians cannot afford to buy imported goods or foods as the Haitian dollar is driven to historic low values.
Job uncertainty: Good paying jobs are not available and low paying jobs are not sustainable for most Haitians to provide for their families.


As the economy suffers violence increases and more gangs are formed to take what is needed from their fellow countrymen.

Haitian Refugee Crises:

Large refugee camps have sprung up on the boarders between Dominican Republic and Haiti after the Dominican Government expelled all non registered Haitians from that country.   This is creating a new crises for the need of housing, medical care and food that the Haitian government cannot accommodate.  It has also led to a new outbreak in Cholera in the camps.

Housing and medical care:

New housing or replacement housing and transfer of families that lost their homes as earthquake victims have been held up until after the elections by the government.  Charity organizations continue to build some new homes. Medical care both minor and major is still dependent on off shore organizations and doctor groups.   Mission of T.E.A.R.S continues projects through our partners in Haiti addressing these concern thanks to  the support of our friends here in Canada like Norwood Pentecostal Church.

Mission of T.E.A.R.S. has scheduled our first 2016 travel for February and will send one board member to review our computer lab project being set up and our other vocational training programs.  Christmas support was sent to It’s a Good Life project set up to serve the children of the Sole district tent camp.