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Merry Christmas!

As you consider your year-end giving, I wanted to let you know about the exciting work Mission of T.E.A.R.S is doing in Haiti. Despite the difficulties you hear in the news coming out of Haiti, there is great Hope to be found in Jesus amidst the troubles.  The wealth of Haiti lies in her people and there are so many young people seeking a better life and a better way in life.  Our goal is to bridge that seeking with opportunity and that is why we continue our development in Haiti.

As Christmas approaches, Haiti has found some peace on earth and Mission of T.E.A.R.S. joins in their ability to celebrate.  By your generosity we have provided food, medicine and gifts to families in need. This will be continued in 2020 and we plan to provide even more life sustaining help.
In 2020 Mission of T.E.A.R.S, through your help, would like to purchase land in the beautiful mountain town of Gode(shown above) in order to establish a new church where Pastor Spencer and the ministry team we established in 2019 can more effectively serve. The cost of the plot of land is $15,000 US, a modest church building/covering can be assembled for another $10,000 US. There will be construction project opportunities for you to get directly involved. This church would be the central hub for this community providing them a place to worship, hold bible studies, learn English, receive marriage counselling, hold medical clinics, Sunday school and VBS.  It will provide for a long-term opportunity in Haitians to minister to Haitians.  A church provides a physical and spiritual sanctuary in time of troubles and maintains the sacred to push back the secular. Rom 10:14 How can they hear if nobody tells them? (MSG)
What an amazing adventure we are on as God opens these doors and we walk with Him in faith. Your prayer and financial gifts are greatly appreciated, you can Give Here. Once the money is raised we are looking to take construction crews and ministry teams back to Gode in 2020, if you are interested in going then or any time in 2020 to Haiti with Mission of Tears complete our interest form!
From our Mission of T.E.A.R.S. family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas.

Your Support is needed to help develop a new church in Haiti. Haitians serving Haitians, please join us in 2020!

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