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"Those who sow in TEARS shall reap with joy." Psalm 126 vs. 5

Haiteen / Coram Deo

Click here to see a video clip of Coram Deo in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Haiti news report 2015

Haiti news report 2014

Emergency Press Release - Haiti June 2011

Post Earthquake Haiti Update 2011

"Haiti is filled with beautiful people who are very proud of who they are and where they are from. There are countless ministries that have come into the country post-earth quake. Our goal when we started was to work alongside people who have had, and have a long term investment into the country of Haiti. We successfully accomplished this through the help of Mission of Tears. 

We left the country of Haiti with a deeper understanding of the needs and a good grasp on the ministries that we could potentially partner with in the future. It was a successful trip, and we need to look at what this might look like in the future for our church. 

Thank you for the opportunity."
-Pastor Jeff Hackett